Tuesday, July 10, 2018

July! and yes I'm still here and a klutz!

You know the saying, life gets in the way?  Well it has been!  But that's how it goes.

It's been months since I posted so I have some photos to share.  

I never keep my coffee cup anywhere near where I'm sketching because I will undoubtedly forget and swish my brush in it...  yep, did that this morning.  :)  The only time I have a coffee cup anywhere near where I'm painting or sketching is when it's of the cup.  And most of the time I just use an empty cup.  :)  Surely a little Phthalo Blue won't kill me.

Sprained my foot and ankle again!  Stairs and I have a  love/hate relationship.  I couldn't sprain my foot/ankle while mountain climbing, or rock climbing or something exciting...  I have to sprain it falling down the stairs!  I have things I need and want to be doing!!!  Laying around with my foot up and ice packs on it is not one of them!  How annoying!  I did go to  Urgent Care and make sure it was just sprained and not broken.  And funny enough, while I was there five more people gimped in that had sprained or broken their left foot or ankle!  How funny!

I've been helping my elderly mother out this summer so I've gotten some photos of her flowers, meant to sketch them but there just isn't a lot of time to do any art.

I really prefer to paint from life, but under the circumstances I'll have to do it from photos.

And this way I can look back and paint these photos in the winter!    And now my foot is throbbing so it's time to put it up and ice it.  I wanted to play with my Dylusions spray and stencils!!!   Maybe in 6 weeks.

Have a good one, go play with your art supplies!

Thanks for stopping by, I'll try and do better at blogging.

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